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Interactive Multi-Media CD-ROMs

An interactive multimedia CD-ROM can provide the perfect addition to any learning or informational package.
These self-booting disks will start up instantly, and can fill full-screen, similar to a PowerPoint presentation. They are fully customisable as we design each CD-ROM from scratch using your preferred colour scheme, font and layout design including text, graphics.

How they Work

The CD-ROMs work by allowing the user to click through pages at their own leisure, while allowing pop-up text when the user clicks on various outlined parts of the screen. Interactivity allows the user to actively guide themselves through the process, which in turn helps maintain concentration and interest in the subject. They can also incorporate animations videos, or sound files with fully interactive playback buttons.
This type of interactivity has proved popular with training packages which provide clickable multiple choice answers and feedback for each correct or incorrect answer.


Rates for a CD-ROM will vary depending on the length of the package and the complexity of the designs.

Similar Projects

The Community Voice Skills Toolbox I produced provided users with a multi-media platform using a combination of informational slides and incorporated example videos to provide a complete highly accessible addition to the guideline booklet. The project was coordinated by Medrwn Mon, and example CDs can be obtained upon request.