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Informational, Educational Videos & Event Filming

An informational or educational video can be a useful alternative to communicate with your clients or colleagues. The biggest advantage of using video would be that you have the infinite possibility of accessibility whilst maintaining a personal yet direct form of communication. It can also provide an new and interesting format, which can provide a much needed breath of fresh air during a presentation.


I understand that clients often require a very fast turn around to meet looming deadline of a meeting or conference sometimes within days, this means that I would keep things straight-forward and fit in the slot for filming as soon as possible to allow the time for editing and exporting the project.

The product

This will depend on your timescale but informational videos usually contain at least one interview with a series of images overlayed for visual illustration, and we use text graphics to emphasise the main points or questions. A suitable soundtrack to fit the tone of the project with the added option of using subtitles.
Your final product will be a professional filmed and edited video in a format suitable for watching/ listening on-line, via a projector, distributed via DVD or via file-sharing and email. If your company doesn’t have a Youtube or Vimeo channel, I would be happy to upload to my channel and provide you with a link to share with your clients.

Event Filming

You may also wish to record a presentation or conference event to upload online for those who could not attend. Filming events such as conferences usually require two cameras and the use of a radio microphone on the speaker to capture audio from the camera which is positioned nearer the back of the room. If I am provided with the presentation slides seperately, I can add these to the relevant parts of the video.Previous clients include Bangor University and TEDx. Simple edits of a short  event can be provided in around two days, and can be uploaded to my personal Youtube Channel if required.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.